What is Open Fiber?

What is Open Fiber?

There is no denying that fiber is the future for moving vast amounts of data at lightning speeds, but the essence of open fiber is about more than just reliability and impressive megabits.

Essentially, an open fiber network connects people in much the same way that the Internet became a global communication platform. The only difference is that we do this by giving everyone equal access to freely choose their service provider in an open and fair market.

The natural competition that exists in an open marketplace drives down prices and improves the quality of services, as multiple companies are forced to compete in order to maintain customers all year round. Open Infra’s model leverages a shared fiber optic infrastructure and enables individual homeowners to join the network as they choose – with lasting benefits and no strings attached. 

This gives consumers the peace of mind of knowing they are not signing up for long-term contracts that prove to be unfavorable in the long run, and they have the opportunity to switch service providers at any time.

In rural communities and other locations with little access to internet services, the rollout of open fiber can transform an economy previously controlled by a single provider that overcharges customers with no other options.

From a small company to one of Scandinavia’s largest open access networks, creating digital equity is at the core of Open Infra’s mission. As digital innovation and online communication accelerate in the information age, our company strives to stay ahead of that trend by expanding throughout the United States and North America to provide our services to as many communities as possible–and, ultimately, allow every member of society to benefit equally from the technological advances of our time.