The Foundation of the Digital Society of the Future

“Our digital platform enhances the quality of life for our customers.

Having access to the right digital services allows us to focus on important things in life, including entertainment, health care, education, and home automation – things that make life easier. For the digital services of the future to benefit each of us in a variety of ways, we must build open digital platforms.”

Johan Sundberg, founder and CEO

It all began in a small town outside of Stockholm, Sweden

Under the former name of Swedish Infrastructure, the company was founded in 2009 as a consulting firm. In that year and the years before, there was widespread demand for better and more stable digital opportunities in Sweden from private citizens and municipalities. 

Convinced of our ability to resolve the issue straightforwardly, we pounced on the opportunity to get started in the community of Österskär in northern Stockholm. Our company tested building an open digital infrastructure with fiber, where all the digital services from the market could be delivered free of charge to households and firms. The test was successful, and rumors began to circulate in nearby areas.

As a result, Open Infra has become one of Scandinavia’s most prominent digital communication infrastructures. 

With over 20 years experience, our team has been involved in expanding Sweden’s digital infrastructure from fiber installations in multi-family houses with companies such as Bredbandsbolaget and Ownit to helping other municipalities and the countryside of Sweden to utilize world-class connectivity.

Open Infra is still owned and operated by its founders and employees. 

Since we are an independent company without any ties to large telecom companies or venture capital firms, we are free to make independent decisions and pursue innovation with an eye to the future. As a result, we can continue to design tailored solutions globally, ensuring the growth of our firm as an international authority in digital infrastructure.

Our global installation tour began in Europe. Next, we take on the world.

The Open Infrastructure network has today been established in over 50 cities in Scandinavia. At the end of 2019, we rolled out our first European node (a digital hub in a network) in Berlin, Germany, to begin a long-awaited fiber expansion there as well. 

As one of Sweden’s first fiber network operators, we are uniquely positioned to help less digitally developed communities.

We are today also present in Norway, Great Britain, and the Unites States, where Open Infra’s North American headquarters has been located in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, since mid-2020.

The digital age benefits everyone, and our mission is accessibility. While online social services have increased over the last decade, not everyone has safe, reliable access to them. By expanding Open Infra’s reach worldwide, we strive to change this. 

For a city, a municipality, or a country, digital opportunities create an array of competitive advantages. 

As part of our company’s mission to enhance an equitable society with thriving communities, we aim to develop innovative tools to make life easier. If we can lay a solid foundation for that to happen, we will succeed.

Our vision is to create an open platform where unlimited digital traffic can move freely within a competitive marketplace, allowing world-class entrepreneurs to develop groundbreaking digital concepts. As Open Infra expands from a fledgling startup into a dynamic organization in an exciting emerging arena, we are committed to developing innovative, flexible, and creative solutions with long-term scalability. 

When we level the playing field and lay the groundwork for universal access to next-generation digital technologies, we fulfill our most important objective as a company–enriching the lives of all.


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