How is it delivered?

Fiber is an infrastructure for your home. It’s not a walk in the park, it needs to be physically brought to your home and it involves digging and directional drilling, which we always do with respect for nature as well as your property.


Before we start talking with customers, we do a thorough survey of the area to make sure that we can connect Fiber to a reasonable cost and within a reasonable amount of time. We design a preliminary network with all the cable routes and investigate which permits are required.

Phase 01

Site Survey

Phase 02

Design and Network Planning

Phase 03


Fiber to Your Home

When you are ready

Everything starts with your interest. Then we take care of paperwork, digging, and technology. Then you play.

01 Meet & Decide

We will sit down and explain the process of getting Fiber to your home. Which financing alternatives are available, and which services you will have access to.

02 Paperwork

When a sufficient amount of your neighbors has decided to build we start the paperwork. Building plans, city permits, TXDOT permits for major roads. There is a lot of bureaucracy we have to deal with before we get started. We are experts in this area so sometimes it is quick, but most of the time this is the biggest part of the wait before you finally have Fiber connected.

03 Detailed Design

When the permit requirements are clear we do the detailed design. Detailed drawings of exactly where we should dig and drill, how your fiber cable should be connected to the telecommunication network and what material is needed.

04 Construction and installation

Now things are starting to appear. Excavators, drills, and shovels arrive.
– We are digging fiber along the street and to a suitable telecommunication station that can be far away.
– We come home to you and set up the fiber box in the house and agree on exactly where to dig from the street into your house. This is the only time you need to be home.
– Then the installers bury an empty pipe into your house. Usually we dig by hand because it is most gentle on your property.
– Lastly, the fiber technician comes and blows the fiber into your house through the pipe that we dug down, connects and tests that it works.

05 Install & Play

Now our operations center connects your Fiber connection to the Internet and activates the services you will need. We let you know it’s done and then the fun begins. Only when everything is ready will you start paying for the services.

Stressless Fiber