How is it delivered?

Fiber optics is an underground internet infrastructure that offers the fastest and most reliable connectivity available worldwide. Constructing these networks requires meticulous planning and advanced techniques, such as careful digging and directional drilling, to ensure precision and effectiveness. The end result is the unparalleled speed of the fastest internet available.


Before we start talking with customers, we do a thorough survey of the area to make sure that we can connect Fiber to a reasonable cost and within a reasonable amount of time. We design a preliminary network with all the cable routes and investigate which permits are required.

Phase 01

Site Survey

Phase 02

Design and Network Planning

Phase 03


Fiber to Your Home

Fiber to Your Home

When you're ready to make the leap, it all begins with your interest. We take care of the paperwork, the digging, and the technology, leaving you to relax and enjoy the process. Here's a simplified breakdown:

01 Meet & Decide

We sit down, explaining the Fiber-to-Home process, discussing the offer, and detailing the services you’ll access.

02 Detailed Design

We delve into detailed designs, mapping out precise locations for digging, drilling, and connecting your fiber cable to the new fiber optics network.

03 Administration

Once a sufficient number of neighbors express their commitment to having fiber optics, we proceed with the necessary paperwork, including building plans, city permits, and TXDOT permits.

04 Construction and installation

Witness the precision of excavators, drills, and shovels in action as we bring our plans to life. Our skilled team excavates along the streets, establishing connections to telecommunication stations, strategically placing the fiber box in your residence. Together, we determine the optimal route from the street to your in-house fiber box. In the concluding phase, our dedicated fiber technician seamlessly installs and tests the fiber, ensuring a robust connection to your home through the carefully laid pipe.

05 Go live and enjoy

Our operations center expertly links your Fiber to the Internet, activates your selected services, and promptly notifies you once everything is ready for use. Your payment only commences once every detail is in place, ensuring you can enjoy a seamless and pleasant experience.

Stressless Fiber