Service Provider Spotlight: Starlight Fiber! 


Starlight Fiber, as part of Open Infra’s open market provider network, provides high-speed internet services to its clients at competitive prices. In this little Q&A, we found out what they can offer and what sets them apart.

What makes Starlight Fiber different from other internet providers?

Our services are simple and straightforward, unlike other providers that may add additional services and charge hidden fees. The key to our success is customer satisfaction, which translates into the fastest possible service at the best possible price.

How do you support small business owners as an American company?

The success of small businesses is the soul of the American economy, and we aim to facilitate their success by providing reliable, excellent digital infrastructure at rates that don’t burden their bottom line. Offering a range of attractive and affordable value-packed plans, we enable small and medium businesses to boost their internet speeds, thus improving their operations, customer service, and revenue.

Are there any limitations associated with your service benefits?

Our goal is to maximize our customers’ service experience, not limit their connection. We never cap downloads or reduce speeds deliberately, unlike many other providers who employ all kinds of frustrating means to generate additional revenue. Starlight Fiber values transparency and freedom of choice for customers, and we believe our excellence should be the driving force of our prosperity––not hidden fees or dubious tactics. Because of that, unlike other larger internet service providers, we do not force you into contracts, charge an initiation fee, or introduce additional charges that come as a surprise on your bill.

What motivated you to focus exclusively on fiber internet services?

Fiber is the future, simply put. Our high standards demand that we deliver our services on pure fiber-optic networks so that we can achieve maximum stability, speed, and minimum latency. Today, information is transmitted by fiber optics end-to-end, as this is the fastest way to send data.

What aspects of Open Infra’s open market appeals to you as a provider?

In the end, what we’re here to do is provide people with the ability to access the information they want in the quickest and most effective manner possible, and an open market fosters competition that empowers our customers.

Our users are free to join or leave with anyone else at any given time, so we are motivated to compel their loyalty through quality. As a result, we can always ensure that the services we provide are up to par and exceed their expectations.

Finally, where can Open Infra customers learn more about your company and plans?

We invite prospective users to visit our website for detailed information about our plans. Any additional questions can be directed to our customer service department via our site contact form–we are always ready to assist!