Open Infra Community Feature – Little Elm, Texas

This week’s feature focuses on Little Elm TX, where Open Infra’s fiber network serves approximately 700 households.
Little Elm occupies the northern part of Denton County and holds on to its small town atmosphere despite being part of the rapidly expanding DFW metro area..

The pleasant environment and comfortable suburban lifestyle have attracted a growing number of families and home builders in recent years, making it a thriving community with over 50,000 residents.

One of the main attractions in Little Elm is Lewisville Lake, a 29,000-acre man-made lake that offers a variety of recreational activities such as boating, fishing, and swimming. The Little Elm Park on the shore of the lake is a popular spot for picnics, sports, and other outdoor activities. The town also has several other parks and trails for residents to enjoy, including the Little Elm Trail and the Frisco Athletic Center.

In addition to its outdoor recreational opportunities, Little Elm is home to a number of local businesses and restaurants. The town has a weekly farmers market that takes place in the town center, and there are several shopping centers and strip malls throughout the town.

One of Little Elm’s strengths is its thriving independent school district, which serves the town’s students with several excellent elementary, middle, and high schools located within the town limits. In addition to offering excellent academic programs, the district also offers a range of sports, music, and arts activities for children of all ages.

Little Elm’s local police and fire departments are dedicated to public safety and provide residents with a safe, secure environment characterized by remarkably low crime rates.

Whether you’re visiting or planning to settle down to raise a family, the tight-knit community of Little Elm is sure to impress you with its friendly atmosphere, tranquility, and Southern hospitality.

Ultimately, Little Elm offers you a peace of mind along with convenient access to all the essentials of modern life, including Open Infra’s fiber optic network!

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